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Director,  Associate Professor
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Administrative Director's Welcome Xiaoxin Wu, EdD


The Ricci Institute provides scholars with timely and high quality service for their research and academic collaborations with other colleagues and institutions. No matter who you are, whether you a graduate student on your way to complete your degree or a faculty member who continues your research in the field of cross-cultural interactions, we offer you our entire library and scholarly network to you.


However, our endeavor does not simply stop at providing academic services to faculty, students, and researchers. The fundamental mission of the Ricci Institute is to establish and maintain friendship through scholarship. I have been working at the Ricci Institute since 1989. For the past three decades, I have been very fortunate to get to know many people with whom we share such a mission. I would encourage everybody to join the Ricci Institute for such an effort. You will enjoy it.



Rev. M. Antoni Ucerler, S.J., D. Phil, Oxon; Director and Associate Professor

Fr. Antoni Ucerler, S.J. received his doctorate from the University of Oxford and his Bachelor of Sacred Theology from the Gregorian University in Rome. His academic focus is on the relationship between Europe and East Asia in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries with emphasis on Christianity in Japan and comparative studies of the Jesuit mission in Japan and China. He has authored and edited multiple works, including Christianity and Cultures: Japan & China in Comparison, 1543–1644( 2009) and Legacies of the Book: Early Modern Printing and the Visual Arts in Asia and the Americas (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).





Wu Xiaoxin, Ed.D.; Administrative Director


Dr. Wu received his Ed.D. in International and Multicultural Education from USF. His research focus is on the history of Christian higher education in China and archival resource development for the study of Christianity in China. His recent publications include: Encounters and Dialogues: Changing Perspectives on Chinese-Western Exchanges from the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries (2004), Christianity in China: A Scholars’ Guide to Resources in the Libraries and Archives of the United States (Second Edition, 2009), and 中國基督宗教史料叢刊 (Collections of Historical Sources on Christianity in China, 2011–2014).






Mark Stephen Mir; Archivist and Resource Coordinator


Mark received a BA from San Francisco State University, and MA in Asia Pacific Studies from the University of San Francisco. He is responsible for the Institute’s information technology, library resources, and multilingual computing development. He is editor of Princely Gifts and Papal Treasures: The Franciscan Mission to China and Its Influence on the Art of the West, 1250-1350.





Stephen Ford; Editorial Assistant


Stephen is a PhD candidate in History & East Asian Languages at Harvard University, completing a dissertation on law, punishment, and the rationalization of state violence during China's Yuan and Ming dynasties. His scholarly interests include Chinese and Western intellectual and cultural history, as well as the use of computational methodologies in historical research. Stephen has previously done editorial work for the journals, Frontiers of Philosophy in China and Philosophical Researches 哲学研究.







Gladys Perez; Program Assistant


After completing her Bachelor’s in Sociology at USF, Gladys joined the administrative staff of the College of Arts & Sciences in 2015. Some of her administrative responsibilities include event planning logistics, processing payments, and day-to-day operations at the Ricci Institute. As of December 2018, Gladys has also completed her MA in International & Multicultural Education.



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