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Fusion 1700
Shooting for the Stars
The Jesuits and Sino- Western Technology
Fusion or Confusion?
Mechanics of Heaven
A Forum on Chinese-Western Relations through Christianity in the Ming-Qing Period

This public forum took place on December 2, 2000 at the Oakland Museum of California in conjunction with the Museum's exhibit, The Secret World of the Forbidden City Splendors from
China's Imperial Palace
. It consisted of a series of short lectures and featured by a panel of three scholars from the Ricci Institute of the University of San Francisco:

Eugenio Menegon
"Shooting for the Stars: The Jesuits at the Qing Court" (full text)

Dr. Menegon is a long time Research Associate of the Ricci Institute. He is currently a professor of Chinese History at Boston University. He is the author of a biography of the Jesuit missionary Giulio Aleni (Un solo Cielo. Giulio Aleni S.J., 1582-1649). He is presently working on a book entitled Ancestors, Virgins and Friars on the life of Christian communities in late imperial south China.

Mark Mir
"The Mechanics of Heaven: The Jesuits and Sino-Western Technology" (full text, with images)

Mr. Mir is a Research Fellow and Librarian of the Ricci Institute. With his experience in library resources and automation, he is carrying out the computerized cataloging of the 70,000 volume Chinese library and is the chief editor of the Ricci 21st Century Roundtable project.

Paul Rule
"Fusion of Confusion? Learning the 'Grammar' of the Chinese Object" (full text)

Dr. Rule is Senior Lecturer in History and Director of the Religious Studies Program at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently completing an Institute-sponsored publication project on the Chinese Rites Controversy. He is the author of, among other works, K'ung-tzu or Confucius? The Jesuit Interpretation of Confucianism (1986).

Each lecture focused on one specific subject area and explored how China and the West interacted through Christianity in the Ming-Qing period. Specific emphasis was placed on the exchanges between the Jesuit missionaries and the Qing imperial court.

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