Since its founding in 1984, the Ricci Institute has undertaken a wide range of special projects, from workshops on archival resources, digitizing and cataloging special collections, hosting exhibitions and symposia, and supporting research and publication on topics in Sino-Western cultural exchange. Projects may be intensive and short-termed while others may be long-term and span several years. Examples include compiling geo-reference data for contribution to the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative, digitizing the archives of the Passionist China Collection and the Hong Kong Diocesan Archives, analyzing and creating catalogs and finding aids, and digitizing and restoring books, photographs and archival documents from special collections. Not all of our projects are based locally; many take place in China, such as the Narratives from the Hinterland Project which included multiple symposia and publications over several years. Every year the Ricci Institute welcomes students and scholars working on personal projects or who participate with us in our joint endeavors.


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