Past Fellows

Summer 2017

Chen Xinyu, Ph.D.
Beijing Administrative College

Heeyong Chung
Ph.D. Candidate
Graduate Theology Union

Guo Sheng-ping
Ph.D. Student
University of Toronto

Joseph Ho, Ph.D. 
Albion College

Mo Wei, Ph.D. Candidate

Shanghai Normal University

Florin-Stefan Morar
Ph.D. Candidate
Harvard University

Wang Xiliang
Ph.D. Candidate
Fudan University

Summer 2016

Giuseppe Marino, Ph.D.
Tokyo University, Japan

Daniel Canaris, Ph.D. Candidate
University of Sydney, Australia

Mingguang Xie, Ph.D.

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Summer 2015

John Lindblom, Ph.D. Candidate
University of Notre Dame

Chen Yufang, Ph.D.
University of Macau, China

Giulia Falato, Ph.D. Candidate  University of Rome (La Sapienza)

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