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THE RICCI INSTITUTE for Chinese-Western Cultural History at the University of San Francisco is an internationally renowned research center for the study of Chinese-Western cultural exchange. With a focus on the Jesuit missions of the 16th-19th centuries and the history of Christianity in China and East Asia, the Institute supports research in a diverse range of interests: in Chinese and East Asian history and relations with Europe, on the influences of China and Europe on each other, on religion and culture and philosophies of East and West, and on the sciences, technology, astronomy, cartography, and medicine. Visiting scholars from around the world meet here to examine these and many other topics in languages as widespread as Latin, Portuguese, Italian, French, or Spanish to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Manchu. We regularly host meetings, symposia, conferences, and workshops, and every Summer our visiting scholars and research fellows-in-residence speak at our weekly research seminars on their topic of study.

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